About About NemoEgg

By: Vincent Tai

Hey peeps!

Welcome to NemoEgg – A media for some tiny little ideas to enhance your dreams. Hopefully it will fulfil what you are looking for in this place.

Things that might interest you on NemoEgg

  • Single Cent Count – it’s some great tips where to help people figure out the good deals.
  • Extra Money – Basic ideas of extra money would have Affiliate marketing, way to find bonus income etc..

Yeah that’s almost all ideas could think of, bought the domain name NemoEgg.com on September 19, 2016 where previously was planning to buy it later, wondering to choose a better numbering on date example like October 16, 2016 it will somehow show like 161016, what a nice number, but due to the excitement of getting very very first domain name that couldn’t wait further.

Why NemoEgg?

Yes, this name was inspired by the movie cartoon Finding Nemo published on (2003).

Let us know.