Free Web Hosting or Paid Web Hosting in WordPress Joomla Drupal

Free Web Hosting Or Paid Web Hosting

Free web hosting or paid web hosting for wordpress joomla drupal
Free web hosting or paid web hosting for wordpress joomla drupal

First, when you come across this topic free web hosting or paid web hosting! Most likely you are looking for answer to clear your doubts, Right? Just try to guess if is correct. Anyway no matter where you come from! What’s your intention of looking for a free web host or pay web host! Today going to help you figure out! Which to pick for the free or pay web hosting are the good choice! Both web hosting either for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or others great Content Management System (CMS). Not limit to only CMS, you might actually want to build everything from scratch!


What does free hosting means? Free hosting is a services provider to use their server and provide services with $0.00 fee. You doesn’t need to pay anything to use their services. Examples services include web hosting, email hosting, domain hosting and etc. There are plenty more of the free stuff you could get on the internet! But WAIT comes back to our main focus hosting. We will focus on web hosting and domain hosting these two basic features to make your site alive!

What will happened?

The reason of being confusing using free web hosting or not? You are not sure about few concerns right? Else you doesn’t want to spend too much on something that you doesn’t have much ideas on it. How is going to build it. Just want to try it out before anything actually happen.

Thing can be sure with you, whenever you use in free web hosting, things you shouldn’t be worrying:

  • Site went down
  • Host want me to pay subscription fees
  • Host put my Domain Name redirect to ads

So, what should you do if this incident happened? How you going to handle such situation? There is always alternative solutions, thing happened now will always have the solutions in future. When the same situation happened, we get to learn how to solve it in future. Well, disasters happened in any moment without alert. We cannot predict any future situations! We do not sure what is the next strategy to trap us in these free web hosting site! But we do know we still able to control our cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogspot or Blogger etc… Before any unlucky stuffs happened.


Sometime when it come to free web hosting, the security protection will not as good as the paid web hosting. This should be understandable because you do not pay anything to use their services. They don’t actually promise you anything for the web hosting! Even sometime paid web hosting do get problems, is it not only securities or hacker. It could be location, government or hardware problems.

All the responsibilities is depend on you! You yourself alone will have to take care all of these by using the free web hosting! Sound scary RIGHT? No worry, as said in the beginning of our topic. We always do get an alternative ways to solve problems. Because we do have the abilities surf on Internet(power of internet)! Check out other websites who facing the same problem. We do know a little on other people who using free web hosting encountered those issues. Base on their experiences, we could adjust our way out of it.

Solutions for free web hosting

First and important thing to be caution is about separately register a domain name from different hosting company. Example NameSilo, it will separated you from free web hosting threat, you’ll need it.

There is two way (manually or automatically). It preventing your site gone without notification or disasters that you didn’t aware of.

The first manual way, to do this while you still have control over cPanel or other e.g. Make two set of back up for your website. One set of your index page folders (everything in it), and one set of database. This manual way may actually apply in your or

The second automatic way, in WordPress is as easy as click on mouse! Because all you need to do is to install a plug-in. Then choose the preferences setting plugin to backup, set the timing and stored location. You should be safe with this method.

It’s same in Joomla using backup extension or Drupal extend, they have ready-made “backup automatic” tools for you to install. Once installed set up everything you are free to go without worrying!

What should you do with the backup?

Yes, what purposes of backing up the site? I don’t understand! Actually this is a Great way. For moving your site from existing free web hosting company. To another new free web hosting company or pay web hosting company. Usually free web hosting will shut down your site or redirect your Domain Name System (DNS). To other ads site to gain profits in some circumstances. Still remember we do need to register a new domain name from separated hosting? Alright this is the power of yours. Move all the backup to new free web hosting or pay web hosting. Following step by changing the DSN setting in the separated domain hosting, point it to new hosting. That’s it, website will be alive again!


For paid web hosting. It is a company to use the server and their services to host your website or domain for some fee. It would cost as low as $0.01 or to average on $1.99 promotions prices on shared web hosting. As long as you pay on time and they will provide you services for hosting your websites or domains.

Paid web hosting customers concerns about a few major features provided in the services. Which is why they willing to pay for the services. Below are few things that people might considering of using paid web hosting;

  • Security
  • Controlling
  • Backup feature

By giving these features in paid web hosting server. You do not need to worry about thing that happened in free web hosting. It have the backup feature built into your cPanel e.g.! But usually the backup feature will only backup in the same server. Is better to use the backup features in Plugins, Extensions, or Extend. Since external features do allow you to send your backup to other locations. When it come to security concerns usually paid server will keep updating their security. To secure their server and make it invulnerable for most of the popular loophole. Still there is a chance to getting hack by some genius hacker silently! Nevertheless since you have the controlling over your paid web hosting. What you need to do is to backup frequently, able to restore back important data you put on the website.

How much paid hosting ($$ Money)

Things in paid web hosting! The promotion prices like $1.99 per month fee will only apply for the first time user. Usually paid in lump sum amount for a year or two depend on you! When promotion end the monthly fee will back to normal price. Which around $7.99 depending which web hosting you are using. Do check this carefully before register any paid web hosting.  They will normally request you to upgrade their plan. When you reach certain amount of traffics flow in or out to your sites(many visitors). But usually it will not be the problems, because you have the backup for this sites. You can always compare the great deals for the best bargain, for either moving to other company or stay.

Sometimes paid web hosting might want you to register your websites and domain with them! Eventually bundle Free Domain for the first year if you subscribe their web hosting services for at least a years! This is because they can control over your site if you decided to move to other location! For example to delay your domain name transfer out, and so on. The best solution is to register a domain name in different hosting providers.

The true is even though paid web hosting will eventually bring less hassle then the free web hosting! But still it’s depending on you. You are the final decision maker who willing to pay this amount of money or not.


The secret of keeping your site alive is to:

For the sick of choosing free web hosting or paid web hosting, if you have those concerns below:

  • Does the website work?
  • You just want to try.
  • It might not work as good as you Imagine
  • What if nobody visit your site?
  • Is a waste of putting money in because (Single Cent Count)

Lastly free web hosting is recommended. Because whenever you have all the backup of your websites, database, and controlling over your own domain name. Then you are free to move your site to other company as your choice. Whenever you get enough traffic to support your web hosting, and then go for paid web hosting for better services.

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