Why do people choose NameSilo as Domain Registration

Looking for domain/bulk domains and wasn’t sure which domain registrar to pick for the new domain name registration? Today we are going to find out which domain registrar for DOT COM domain name registration is great for You. NameSilo, GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Here might be the right place for you to make the final decision of buying domain name for either web hosting or domain parking, but still the last final decision is always back to your own.

Before anything was present NemoEgg.com would like to inform that in this article contain affiliate links.

Comparison with NameSilo vs GoDaddy vs NameCheap

Above data is collected on September 25, 2016, it might be vary from time to time, but it should be accurate on their business strategy. Why? Because for an organisation to changes their business plan take time, unless they have major changed or over taken from other company.

Base on the current pricing on the sites found, the price for one year subscription Inclusive ICANN Fee $0.18

GoDaddy: $15.17/year
NameCheap: $10.87/year

As the pricing on three domain registrars, without using any coupon the winner of lowest price is NameSilo.

Note that, NameSilo do give Discount Coupon it only off $1, to clarify whenever the company pay less on discount will definitely cut down their cost, whenever cost is low they manage to offer you  better service and lower price compare to others competitors offers high discount on the first year to keep you stay with the services, because transferring take time and troublesome. While you might able to find some discount coupon for well known domain registrar on the domain registration page, but would you really want this all hassle for searching coupon everywhere and try to find out if the coupon is working? It’s still depend on you.

Sometime GoDaddy do give a great fruit for new registrant which they offer $0.99 for First year Dot Com new domain name registration or other Top-Level Domain(TLC) as well, but do remember you need to find out the real renewal price before you make any purchases. Get your discount for GoDaddy Here.

NameCheap is another well known  registrar which offer Discount Coupon as well, instead of giving exact amount for discount NameCheap tend to offer a ten percentage off for Dot Com, Net, Org, Info, Biz registration and transfer.


Did you know that? For you to buy a new domain name, you have to provide real details eg e-mail address or phone number, unless you want your domain being terminate, there is regulation you must provide accurate personal detail for the new domain name registration, because this reasons your personal details is now on the INTERNET, which means everyone can search you, send you message, even spam you! So, things come in business where most of the domain registrar provide service to protect your personal details, provider will mask your personal details with their company details, some charge as high as $15, some free of charge.

NameSilo: FREE for life!
GoDaddy: $9.99
NameCheap: $2.88

When it come to protection and is free, why not? Another reason for picking up NameSilo as your long-term cheap domains registration and protect your personal details without worrying any unpredictable incidents happen. ( Life Saver ) for free.

NameSilo Privacy Free for Life
GoDaddy $7.99 Discounted Price
NameCheap Free one year after $2.88
TEN YEARs Domain Pricing
NameSilo Ten Years Domain Registration Pricing
NameSilo Ten Years Domain Registration Pricing
GoDaddy Ten Years Domain Registration Pricing
GoDaddy Ten Years Domain Registration Pricing
NameCheap Ten Year Domain Registration Pricing

This is the Total price for a ten years domain registration.

NameSilo: $89.90
GoDaddy: $219.60
NameCheap: $104.70

NameCheap offered discount on WhoisGuard, not sure if it charge on the following year.


So what is Duo Security? Duo Security come from Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) it give few layer of security to protect user rather than only simple username and password, which is a method of controlling user access to another point with at least two of the following categories include “username and password”, “security token”, “biometrics”.

NameSilo provide Two Factor Authentication (known as 2FA) that use Username and Password with QR code verification on phone. Which made this combination very unique that others will never get a chances to steal away your belonging in the NameSilo Site. It used Authy or Google 2-Step Verification for the security purpose.


While GoDaddy and NameCheap offer web hosting and other service as well their main focus has been diversified which made NameSilo stand out the crowd. Because NameSilo focus on domain registration it doesn’t offer web hosting.


Many to describes but NameSilo always provide pricing transparency it will not up-sale any of the product that you doesn’t need. It come with FREE Whois Privacy for the Life Time, even email forwarding function, Domain Parking for free and you can earn advertisement fees from there with $0.00 cost, the best part is that NameSilo Provide Two Factor Authentication features for you to secured your domains.

If you interest on NameSilo you find out more. If you still planing for comparing which to choose you can always visit GoDaddy or NameCheap.

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